The Never Ending Story

It’s been a while, folks.

The (hopefully exaggerated) title of this post, of course, refers to the slow (but existent!) progress on Juniper, the regenerative, “planned non-obsolescent” Tiny House which Donovan has been physically working on for the past year and a half.

Donovan and I have separated, but the Tiny is a continued connecting point–and we still live on the same beautiful chunk of land. He’s missed sharing the process, and I’ve missed documenting it, so stay tuned for another installment of the Juniper journey.

You can look forward to info and photos regarding the recent solar panel installation and the creation of the custom steel and aluminum deck and awning for the north-side porch–a collaboration with another Donovan from Michigan.

Looking forward to sharing the process!




5 thoughts on “The Never Ending Story

  1. Glsd to get the update. I have been meaning to ask if you found an apartment in town. Sounds like you are still in your old place. Juniper looks great.


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