Spatial Issues (Upsizing)

This update is long overdue, but short and sweet.

One week into the new year, and I’m in my new house, about to sleep in my new bed after saying goodnight to my new sweetie.

Okay, the sweetie himself isn’t new, but the relationship feels so.

And nope, I’m not sleeping in my Tiny House; I’ve relocated to a “big” house all to myself.


Because sometimes one’s idealized self (a woman who can cohabitate and take up very little space and energy) is incongruent with one’s real needs (great amounts of physical, emotional, and mental S P A C E).

Looking back on my skimpy journal entries for 2017 (it’s probably the least I’ve ever written in my writing life), I found a constant tension of trying to make things work: joining my partner’s business, living together in 500 square feet, planning what felt an impossible feat of building not one, but two Tiny Houses.


A few things were constant and fortified, including my commitment to community. We moved to The Blackberry Farm, and I’ve seen some of my dreams come to fruition (and more community dreams are developing, which is at least equally delightful). I initiated a Free Store and created some spaces and events. I shared many meals and split two meat animals and a freezer with neighbors. I had regular coffee dates with my “garden girls” which were nourishing and nurturing. I visited an Ecovillage, then started learning about pocket neighborhoods and cohousing developments.

But from fall to December, many dreams with my dear Donovan seemed to fall apart, and we have had to learn how to rebuild and regrow together. We are no longer regular co-workers. We don’t share a kitchen. (Halleluiah!) For a while, it felt like we were just companions, and even that was iffy. We are healing from miscommunications and compromises. We are creating our own spaces and places in our worlds, living in more of our own authentic rhythms. I feel great relief and joy to be unfolding into my own sweet self. And I feel so happy to be happy with Donovan when I’m with him, which is still quite often, as we’re next-door neighbors!

Okay, so the Tiny House(s).

Donovan made a lot of progress on how his house structurally goes together during our annual winter retreat to my folks’ place, including framing, insulating with Gutex, designing a wood-slab desk nook, and getting that awesome curved roof.

I have my house design tattooed permanently on my heart, but I’ve decided that this year I’m going to focus on doing excellent work in my landscaping business and saving money to PAY someone (Donovan?) to build my T-House of the future. And, I plan to get serious about investigating a community framework that really does it for me. A Tiny House Cohousing Eco-Hostel? A Bed and Breakfast Organic Farm? We’ll see.


Here’s to expressing creativity, enjoying freedom, owning up to what we need, sharing our wealth, expressing our gratitude, eating amazing food, matching our actions with our values, reaching out, loving one another, and growing into our authentic, courageous, outrageous selves! May it be so for you and all beings!

Thanks for tuning in to Our Tiny House Soap Series.

Much love and gratitude for your interest and support!

3 thoughts on “Spatial Issues (Upsizing)

  1. Kudos to you and Donovan. It seems you’ve found a more authentic way to live, work and be in the world. I look forward to hearing more. Maybe you will help pioneer a new form of co-housing. I’m still wondering what that would look like for me too and if I’ll ever take action toward that goal like you two have. Thanks for sharing Rachel. 🙂

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