The Critical Path

Our future shop!
Our future shop!
Organizing continues
A lovely evening on The Farm
A lovely evening on The Farm


I have accepted that I have limited energy and time for all of my current passions and interests. For now, sticking with doing electrical work with Donovan and focusing on moving next month is plenty! I came to this conclusion after D and I returned from a fairly lengthy vacation. The morning after we got home, he got an incapacitating back spasm and I started having panic attacks—ostensibly due to the stress of our current endeavors (not to mention the political situation).

We’ve been working together a lot and doing a major overhaul of sorting our work van, organizing hardware (screws, nails, washers, bolts) and devices (receptacles, switches, lights, breakers) bit by bit, over the past few weeks. Since I’ve become more involved in the electrical business, I’m helping make material lists and plan our weeks, gathering materials, keeping up with recycling, and taking on more responsibility at our jobs. I’m really enjoying the mental and physical work of doing electrical, and I like putting my organizational skills to use. Getting organized helps us run jobs more smoothly, get more work, and make more money—to invest in the Tiny House, of course.

Part of the dream has materialized. Last week, after the delivery had been postponed and rescheduled three times, our shipping container arrived. This is our first large monetary investment. We have about six weeks to get the container prepared as our construction shop and move in; to get all our personal belongings into the cabin on The Farm where we’ll stay while building the Tiny House; to move all our plants, bee equipment, and other outdoor things; and to clean and spruce up our rental before we leave it for good. To prepare for this, the minimizing process continues. I open every closet and drawer with a critical eye. I tally our plastic bins and mentally pack our things. I combine what can be combined, recycle or give away or trash what’s not really serving us. And there is no end to this loop, if we truly want to stay clutter-free.

A big decision I made a couple of weeks ago was to get rid of my bed. Donovan and I have always had separate bedrooms; my autonomy is very dear to me. I’m also a light sleeper, so many nights I’d choose to go to my own bed if he was tossing around. During our hot and humid summers, we often like to stretch out and not worry about having another body near us. But because it’s winter and because we’re moving to a much smaller space, it seemed to make sense to let go of my bed and see how we’d fare. So far, so good. Actually, it feels great to not have this bulky thing that’s hardly used taking up most of a room!

Another way we are getting prepared is by having weekly meetings about our next move. These are so useful that we may just continue them for the rest of our lives! (Usually these meetings are accompanied by tea and something sweet, which adds to the appeal.) Today we used the critical path method and created a timeline to plan our shipping container/shop project. It’s empowering to know exactly what we need to do, and when, and to be held accountable by this schedule. We are teaching ourselves project management skills, which are essential if we are to succeed in building the Tiny House and move beyond that to our dream of creating an ecovillage…

I am excited and anxious as February nears. We are working hard both at our jobs during the week and during our weekends at home. We struggle to maintain a balance and remember to spend time with other people and just do some things for fun now and then. (I have to laugh as I write that, as we returned from a two-week vacation not long ago. Well, it’s good to keep in mind, anyway.) This is the least-depressing winter I’ve had (again, let’s not speak of the political situation at the moment), and having lofty goals is a big part of that.

I’m looking forward to doing good things. I’m looking forward to ever more simplicity in my life, to enable me to spend my skills and energy in beneficial ways. I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to do so.






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